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The Center for Quantum Information is a multidisciplinary research center for the study of the processing and transmittal of information using quantum systems. The major goals of the center are to develop a toolbox of quantum procedures and protocols in a variety of elementary systems, ranging from atoms and molecules to photons and electronic nanostructures, and to formulate the elements of a quantum theory of information. Since information is itself one of the basic physical properties of quantum theory, its role must be characterized for each microscopic system before it can be applied to more complex entities. The focus of our research therefore lies between the distinctive fundamental features of quantum mechanics and their application. To achieve these aims, CQI is based upon the interaction of several highly interdisciplinary research projects. The Center is a collaborative effort of nine professors from five universities (Rochester, Harvard, Stanford, Cornell and Rutgers) and an industrial partner (Lucent Technologies). Expertise ranges from quantum optics and atomic physics, through mesoscopic electronics and superconductivity, to information theory and its applications in commercial optical telecommunications systems.

The Center is supported by ARO through the MURI Program.

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