A Jewel in the Crown                          Table of Contents  

The book is divided into ten chapters.   Each chapter contains introductory material, a number of essays and some shorter anecdotes.   The first seven chapters for the most part contain materials relating to individual  decades in the history.  The final three chapters relate to the the present time, timeless traditions, and the future respectively.  The printed version of the chapters also includes lists of graduates and faculty members who were here during the period covered.  There were a number of errors in those lists, so that rather than reproducing them we will include revised cumulative lists here for download.  We sincerely apologize for any errors that we have made in these lists or in other materials. Below we list the chapter names.  Clicking on any of the chapter titles will take you to a more detailed  description of its contents as well as downloadable PDF copies of the individual essays and anecdotes.

; I. Beginnings: 1900 - 1939
; II. War Years: The 1940s
; III. Uncertainty: The 1950s
IV. The Laser: The 1960s
V. A New Home: the 1970s
VI. Expansion: The 1980s
; VII. Photonics Boom: The 1990s
; VIII. Now: The New Millennium
; IX. Timeless Traditions
; X. The Future
; Lists and Tabular Materials