Chapter X

The Future  


As we look forward to the next 25 years leading to the centennial of the Institute of Optics we take out our crystal ball and make some predictions of what the future will bring. This is always risky, but we have four essays that undertake that task.  The first is an essay by alumnus Douglas C. Sinclair in which he sets out his vision for the future of optical design which is rather different from its past. Faculty member James Zavislan then describes a new program the Institute Ventures which promises to turn the ideas developed in the Institute’s laboratories into marketed products quickly without the faculty having to leave and start new companies. Professor Stroud suggests that the time for quantum optics to leave the laboratory and become the basis for completely new technologies is rapidly approaching. Soon there will be a field of quantum optical engineering. Finally, Director Wayne Knox lays out his vision for the coming decades leading up to the Centennial.

  Whither Optical Design?

 Douglas C. Sinclair 

 Institute Ventures

 James Zavislan

 Quantum Optical Engineering

 Carlos Stroud

 Looking to 2029

 Wayne H. Knox