Chapter VI

Expansion: The 1980s  


The stage was set for a rapid expansion of the research and education programs of the Institute in the 1980s. The new building as well as the explosion of applications of laser optics into all sorts of new industries – medicine, telecommunications, manufacturing, inspection, defense, and even super-market checkout – gave rise to increased expectations, and increased accomplishment. The number of students, both undergraduate and graduate, rose quickly.  The quality of the credentials of entering graduate students caused the faculty to often comment that it was a good thing that they already had their degrees because they could never get into the program as students now. A number of different research centers were established that greatly increased funding for equipment and student support.

  The Teegarden Years: 1981 - 1987

 Hilda Kingslake  

 Graduate Student Life: Playing Hard

 Students of the 1980s

 Physical Optics, Electromagnetic Theory, and Systems

 Nicholas George

 Having It All:

Personal Lives and Professional Choices

 Susan Houde-Walter

 Multi-Investigator Programs at the Institute of Optics

 Nicholas George

 Duncan Moore Leads the Institute

 Carlos Stroud