Chapter V

A New Home: The 1970s  


The Institute strained within the confines of the fourth floor of Bausch & Lomb Hall as the research program grew, and the appreciation of the broad commercial and scientific applications of the laser became widespread. A development committee was established to plan for the growth of the Institute to take advantage of these new opportunities. It was soon apparent to the committee that new quarters were needed before the Institute could possibly rise to this challenge. The old quarters were both antiquated and cramped. The department had faculty and facilities spread over Bausch & Lomb, the Space Science Center, and Gavett Hall. The committee soon set as its target the designation of the Space Science Center for the new home. By the end of the decade the Institute was comfortably housed in its new home, and primed for a rapid expansion. Brian Thompson had been appointed dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science, and Nicholas George had arrived from Caltech to lead the effort, aided by a new faculty enhancement grant from the National Science Foundation. The Laboratory for Laser Energetics and a nationally recognized quantum optics program grew out of early laser research in the Institute.

  The Wilmot Building

 Hilda Kingslake  

 Mmmmm ... Donuts ...

 David Aronstein

 A Philosophical Ode to Physical Optics

 Brian J. Thompson

 Quantum Optics

 Joseph H. Eberly

 The Tortoise and the Hare

 Mary Becker

 The Institute of Optics and Laboratory for Laser Energetics: A Personal History

 James M. Forsyth

 The Surprise Party

 George Sherman