Chapter IX

Timeless Traditions  


There are some constants that really cannot be localized to any decade in a history. This chapter deals with three of those: basic attitudes that prime one for success, educational programs that prepare one for the problems to be faced, and the cadre of dedicated people who help along the way. The first essay is a graduation speech by alumnus Paul Forman that puts forward a set of lessons to be mastered if one hopes to be successful after graduation. We then follow with two essays describing the undergraduate and graduate educational programs in the Institute. Finally we review the contributions of two groups of individuals who have not received as much attention as other groups but have been essential to the success of the Institute of Optics, the part-time faculty and the staff. Finally, we review an important part of any program involving young people athletics. The optics jocks have been almost as impressive in their accomplishments in the athletic fields, the tracks, and the mountainsides as they have been in the laboratory.

  Address to Class of 2003

 Paul Forman 

 Undergraduate Studies in Optics

 Thomas G. Brown

 Graduate Studies in Optics

 Carlos Stroud

 Optics Jocks

 Carlos Stroud

 The Part-Time and Joint Faculty

 Carlos Stroud

 The Staff of the Institute

 Maria Schnitzler