Chapter IV

The Laser: The 1960s  


The big development in optics in the 1960s was without question the invention of the laser. It would completely revolutionize the field and make optics an enabler for dramatic breakthroughs in a whole range of disciplines. The Institute was well positioned to take advantage of the explosion of optics research. Emil Wolf had just joined the faculty. Just weeks before the announcement of the invention of the laser, professors Wolf and Hopkins organized an international meeting on optical coherence that placed the University at the center of the emerging new field of quantum optics. This conference was the first of a series, the Rochester Conferences on Coherence and Quantum Optics. The Optics Road Show was launched, and some very bright young students got the Institute into the ground floor of laser development. At the beginning of this decade The Institute of Optics became an academic department in the newly formed College of Engineering and Applied Science.

  Lewis Hyde and the River Campus: 1965 - 1968

 Hilda Kingslake  

 Optical Thin Films at the Institute of Optics

 Stanley Refermat

 Rochester Pinafore

 David MacAdam

 The College of Engineering and Applied Science

 Carlos Stroud

 A Personal Reminiscence

 Murty V. Mantravadi

 Early Days of Coherence Theory

 Emil Wolf

 The Jaynes-Franken Bet

 Carlos Stroud

 Service to Industry

 Brian J. Thompson