Chapter I

Beginnings: 1900 - 1939  


In this section we have a series of essays describing the founding of the Institute and its early years. We are fortunate to have eyewitness accounts by Hilda Kingslake, who came over from England with her new husband, Rudolf, who was a founding member of the new Institute. Hilda Kingslake wrote a history of the first fifty years of the Institute and revised it in 1987 to include the first fifty-eight years. In this section we include three essays from her history describing the events immediately preceding the founding through the first decade of the new Institute. In addition , we have a biography of Rudolf and Hilda Kingslake by Brian J. Thompson, and a short biographical sketch of early faculty member Jane Dewey by Carlos Stroud. Susan Houde-Walter provides insights into the interrelated foundings of the Institute of Optics and the Optical Society of America. Even in the Great Depression years of the 1930s, there was a bit of frivolity to leaven the serious business of getting the new Institute developed. Carlos Stroud describes the beginnings of the optics picnic and other diversions during this period.

  Rush Rhees and His University: 1900 - 1930

 Hilda Kingslake  

 Common Origins of the Institute of Optics and the Optical Society of America

 Susan Houde-Walter

 Founding Years: 1929 - 1933

 Hilda Kingslake

 Optometry and the University of Rochester:


 Hilda Kingslake

 Jane Dewey: Pioneer in Quantum Optics

 Carlos Stroud

 In Memory of Rudolf and Hilda Kingslake:

 Two Lives Devoted to Optics

 Brian J. Thompson