Nano-Optics Funding and Acknowledgements

The nano-optics group previously received support from:

Optical Size Measurements of Nanometer-size Particles

National Institute of Health (1 R21 EB004588-01A1)
High-resolution Optical Imaging of Membrane Proteins

Air Force Office of Scientific Research (F-49620-03-1-0379)
Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI)
Nanoscale Subsurface Spectroscopy and Tomography
Participating Institutions: Boston University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, PennState, Rice University, NIST.

DARPA (W31P4Q-08-1-0005)
Interferometric Detection of Sub-100nm Particles

National Science Foundation (CHE-0454704)
Near-field Raman Spectroscopy of Carbon Nanotubes

Department of Energy (DE-FG02-05ER46207)
Near-field Raman Scattering of Carbon Nanotubes

NSF (BES-0086368)
Imaging of Biological Membranes

DARPA (MDA972-00-1-0021)
Sorting of Nanoparticles using Optical Tweezers

NSF (DMR-0078939)
Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy / Field-Enhanced Nonlinear Optics & Spectroscopy

Petroleum Research Foundation (PRF 42545-AC10)
Quantitative Measurement of Field Enhancement near Metal Nanostructures

National Science Foundation (ECS-0210752)
Advanced Characterization Techniques in Optics for Nanostructures (ACTION), in collaboration with Boston University

National Science Foundation (PHS-0441964)
Realtime Detection and Classification of Single Biowarfare Viruses

Department of Energy (DE-FG02-01ER15204)
Single Molecule Fluorescence in Nanoscale Environments