MTB trips 2011 / 2012

Here come the most memorable rides in 2011 and 2012!
Januray 2011: El Garraf, Sitges / Castelldefels, Spain. .. yes, yes .. this trail AGAIN! Hey, this is January and my friends in Rochester are freezing their butts off ..

Posing at the Milan Memorial.

No smog over Barcelona.

The art of overcompensating .. At the Maresqueria in Castelldefels.

January 2011: East Bay, Rochester, NY. January turned out to be tropical in Rochester!

In the reeds of Irondequoit Bay.

April 2011: Genesee Valley Greenway Trail, Rochester, NY. A chilly family outing to Avon, NY

On the railway trail to the diner.

Jan, not very motivated.

Nadja, slightly more motivated.

Loni, providing motivation support.

Family picture on the old railway bridge (junction to Lehigh Valley Trail)

May 2011: El Garraf, Sitges / Castelldefels, Spain. .. NOT AGAIN NOT AGAIN NOT AGAIN .. !

Jan Renger, 'el buldozer aleman'.

Jan found a friend.

Ugly ugly show-off ..

May / June 2012: Back Home, NY. Spring was wonderful back home in Rochester!

Looking down on Irondequoit Creek from Eastbay Trail. Eastbay is technically the most challenging trail in the region. You get there from Old Browncroft Road.

On top of Fort Hill, just off Dryer Road Park.

July 2012: Stid Hill. A signature ride. Belongs to standard inventory.

Barbara, whizzing by ..

Back by the Midget.

August 2012: Finger Lakes Trail (Letchworth Canyon). A magnificent 25 mile ride with Ragna Krueckels from Germany.

Just a warm-up at Eastbay.

BEFORE the ride.

AFTER the ride.

Ragna - in good mood and good shape ..

Enjoying the eagle view.

September 2011: Highlander Cycling Race, Bristol, NY. The classic Highlander takes you through beautiful Finger Lakes region. The MTB version is the Mountaineer - Stid Hill - Gannett Hill - Camp Cutler - Bristol Mountain - .. and much more if you get lost!

Ahead of everyone! But unfortunately in the wrong direction ..

At the jump-off on Cutler.

The elevation profile.

November 2011: Finger Lakes National Forest, between Seneca and Cayuga Lakes. A family outing. The trail was wet and swampy .. but fortunately ended at Dano's Heuriger!

Everybody still smiling!

Nadja - still thinking about the TV show that she's missing ..

Jan - yes, my feet are wet and cold, and it's no fun at all!!!!

Loni - where the heck are we?

Queen of the swamp.

Friends again ..

March 2012: Sitges, Olivella, Garraf, Castelldefels. A series of beautiful rides in Catalunya.

Yes, it's Jan Renger again. Every ride makes him stronger, faster, and more dangerous.

The Milan memorial.

Conquistadores de la montana!

Jan's relaxing with a puro gigantesco ..

Posing in front of an ancient silo near Olivella.

March 2012: Benasque (Pyrenees), Spain. What a memorable conference that was!

Ploughing through the snowfields up Val d'Estos. This GR 11.

As the sun warms, the snow softens ...

There's life beyond the ruins. Pleta de Tormo.

Reaching the top of the world.

Two days later .. Climbing uphill with Luis Martin-Moreno.

Lukas and Luis. A well deserved rest below Pico de Cerler.

The downhill .. A few rocks too many.

June 2012: Countdown in Rochester. Final rides before moving to CH. These are the most memorable trails in the area - they define my bond to Rochester.

Big pose on Stid Hill.

Big pose on Cutler (with Rainer Benz).

Big pose on Fort Hill (with Lonitoni).

Big pose on Gannett Hill (with Simon and Handy).

Big pose on Gannett Hill (alone).

Big pose at Letchworth Canyon.

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