MTB trips 2009

Much of 2009 was spent MTBing in the Garraf. However, there were also plenty of occasions outside Catalunya.
July 2009: Dijon, France. Dans les campagnes, sur le velo, et avec deux sangliers de Bourgogne ..

Jean-Claude Weeber watching Alex poking his nose. And yes, it is raining!

Fine tuning in the swamp.

After all, I impressed Alex by going over the handle bar at full speed.

August 2010: Rochester, NY. Back in Rochester.

New bike.

New glasses.

September 2009: Ok-wa-riga Camp, Inlet, NY. The 2009 Nano-Optics group excursion brought us back to our preferred Adirondacks camp on Seventh Lake. As usual we went for a mandatory MTB ride up on Black Bear Mountain.

Happy gathering. Lukas, Achim, Loni, Tobias, Suzanne, Brad, and Jan.

I want my money back! There was no mention of this crap ..

The Alemanni don't mind the scratches.

and the Saxons have lots of energy left.

A little downhill after all ..

Suzanne is not sure this was a good idea ... (she didn't join the year after)

Finally some climbs!

.. believe me, this is too low for my double backwards flip ..


Magnificent views. Adirondacks foliage at its peak.

A happy pose on Black Bear Mountain!

Cooling off with a plunge from the deck of the boat house.

October 2009: Seneca Trail, Rochester / Victor, NY. All these years in Rochester, and we didn't explore this one! Well, it starts near shopping mall, but then it meanders through beautiful countryside and brings you to some really abandoned spots. .

Nadja and Jan ploughing their way through mud.

Dad, my bike is sinking .. Can we go home now?

The witches and sorcerers' hideout.

Definitely one of the more interesting breaks ..

La chica Nadja !

November 2009: Keuka Lake outlet trail, Dresden / PennYan, NY. Yes, this trail again! It belongs to the standard yearly MTB inventory. It connects two finger lakes, runs through Amish country, and exposes you to ancient industry.

Papa Joe followed by Simenon and Nadja.

Still full of energy. Jan, Sim, Nadja, Loni, and Joe.

Sim and Lukas gathering energy.

A enjoyable romantic moment: Nadja and Paps.

An explorer's paradise! Not safe at all ..

.. but who cares!

Sim is getting ready for a stunt (while Jan takes a leak).

I released too late .. sorry Sim. THIS was his stunt!

La senorina Nadja dice: "No way I'm going to do this stupid stuff .. "

December 2009: East Bay, Rochester, NY. MTB got finally legalized in the land of the free, even in Monroe county! The East side of Irondequoit Bay is now open to MTBers. A wonderful park with lots of up and downhills.

10 min. from home ..

10 min. from work ..

A less successful downhill. The trail suddenly ended. My ribs paid the price.

Irondequoit Bay in direction of Ontario Lake. Soon to be all snowed in ..

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