MTB trips 2001-2005

November 2005: 2nd Int'l Adirondacks Workshop, Inlet, NY. A mandatory outing during our annual Adirondacks workshop. There was plenty of snow (and suffering). But hey, real nano-opticians are no chicken!

This is Alex. Looking somewhat compressed and irritated. Lots of dope for breakfast.

Happy group picture (out of focus) with Alexandre Bouhelier, Rainer Hillenbrand, Achim Hartschuh, and Lukas Novotny.

Magnificent countryside. Adirondacks pure. No snow in sight ..

It's getting rougher.

Where's my snowmobile!? This travel agency sucks ..

Carefully shaved this morning.

A really convincing trip. Happy faces, cold feet, nobody complaining.

October 2005: OSA 2005, Tucson, AZ. The OSA annual meeting in Tucson happened to be located in a MTB paradise. Therefore, an ad hoc pre-conference excursion was organized.

The Catalina Mountains with some fantastic singletracks.

The 'before' picture featuring Bennett Goldberg, Lukas Novotny, and Pascal Anger.

The 'after' picture (same participants).

Pascal zapping through the cactus forest. Close encounters are very unpleasant!

After the storm. Who would expect rain showers in the desert?

October 2005: Dryer Road Park Dryer Road Park is in Victor, NY, a short ride from the University Campus. It features a dense network of trails with different difficulty levels. It is maintained by the Victor Mountain Bike Club. MTB afficionados meet here for a ride before, during, or after work.

Loni Novotny is joining in for a ride! Testing Pascal's camelback.

Before the ride, Pascal is always happy! Should see him after ..

Happy group picture featuring Matthias Danckwerts, Lukas Novotny, Pascal Anger, and guest MTBer Rainer Hillenbrand.

I still don't believe in your heterodyne detection ..

September 2005: Letchworth State Park, Mt. Morris, NY. Letchworth State Park is claimed to be the deepest Canyon in the East. Not sure if this is true but the rides there are magnificent! The entire stretch is 24 miles, first smooth then painful. A must for a visitor in upstate NY!

The canyon with Genessee river photographed from trailhead.

Lukas with kids Jan (6) and Nadja (8). We mastered a total of 8 miles!

Pascal Anger in full gear (it's not a parachute on his back).

Nothing stops angry Anger!

Pascal taming his bike after a wild downhill.

Too fast to be in focus.

The back wheel is slipping ...

Lukas Novotny and Pascal Anger only 12 miles from the Nano-Optics barbecue.

August 2005: Camp Cutler, Bristol, NY. Camp Cutler is one of the most scenic trails in the Rochester area. It follows partially the Finger Lakes Trail and provides great views. This trail is used as recruiting trail for newcomers to the Nano-Optics group. Make sure to check it out first!

At the famous jump-off with Pascal Anger, Lukas Novotny, and Ralf von der Heiden.

After the battle. A well-deserved six-pack enjoyed in Adirondacks chairs outside the central Bristol meeting place (gas station).

August 2005: GRC on Quantum Control of Light and Matter, Waterville, ME. Lukas had the crazy idea to drive all the way to Maine to attend a Gordon Conference. On the way, he parked near a trailhead and dozed off. Next morning, the flashlight of a charming Maine police officer woke him up.

A lonely ride along the Presumscot River.

Juli 2005: WONTON, Telluride, CO. To learn about optical properties of carbon nanotubes we embarked on an exciting workshop in Telluride. We had two afternoons to explore the MTB trails.

Are you sure we're still in Colorado?

Our guest biker: Daniel Milkie (University of Pennsylvania, PA). Man, he liked the uphills!

So did Achim Hartschuh. In fact, it's his specialty!

Group picture, almost at the top. Lukas Novotny, Daniel Milkie, and Achim Hartschuh.

After every hefty uphill comes an enjoyable downhill.

Look at this smile! We didn't believe it either, but Achim does indeed enjoy the downhills, too!

Enjoying the Colorado views: Neil Anderson, Achim Hartschuh, and Lukas Novotny.

Finally reaching the conference barbecue and getting ready for the first sip of cool beer! Well deserved, of course.

Same happy faces, after the first sip of beer. What a conference!

May 2005: Erie Canal Path, Rochester, NY. The Erie Canal Path runs for hundereds of miles, in essence connecting the Great Lakes (Erie) with the Atlantic (New York). The trail gets you from one ice cream store to the next in shortest time.

There are no helmets in Germany. Matthias Danckwerts. Kamikaze rider from Berlin.

June 2004: Campout at Stony Brook State Park, Dansville NY. Stony Brook Park is a nice little canyon with many waterpools. Rainer Benz, a dedicated physics highschool teacher from Fairport, NY, was highly disturbed by the 'no swimming' sign.

It's cold and deep. And I can't see any 'no biking' sign.

What a ride!

March 2003: ACS Meeting, Anaheim, CA. This was our conference excursion during the 2003 ACS Meeting. Participating: Alexandre Bouhelier, Achim Hartschuh, Bennett Goldberg, and Lukas Novotny. We drove to Laguna Beach to grab some bikes and get lost in the local hills.

Bennett wasn't sure whether this is the right thing to do considering that past month two hikers were eaten by a mountain lion ... But hey, we're no hikers!

Yes, but there are other dangers, too ... But hey, we have helmets, no ?

That was convincing and so Prof. Goldberg went on to break some serious rules. This is not Boston, Bennett!

The best trails are beyond the fence (close to the abyss).

Man .. it was hot! After he collapsed, we rolled Achim under the only bush in sight.

Eventually, he reached the top (pulling Lukas).

Someone was there before, not tired: Alex (the machine) !

Somewhat affected by the sun.

Group picture (a cougar got the bearded-one from Boston).

September 2002: Adirondacks Weekend, Indian Lake, NY. In 2002 we spent a weekend at Niese's cabin in Indian Lake. Of course, with the bikes.

Lukas Novotny preparing for a MTB trip with Achim Hartschuh. The stunts didn't help on the uphill with Achim.

August 2002: 7th Int'l Conference on Near-field Optics (NFO-7), Rochester, NY. During NFO-7, Bennett Goldberg and Selim Unlu got seduced to a MTB trip to Tryon Park at the South of Irondequoit Bay.

Group picture (before the ride): Selim Unlu, Alexandre Bouhelier, Bennett Goldberg, and Achim Hartschuh. During a silly downhill, Prof. Unlu's handlebar made itself autonomous. Unlu is still alive but not MTBing anymore.

August 2002: Camp Cutler, Bristol, NY. Cutler is one of the MTB standards. Every guest is forced to experience it. This trip with Bert Hecht laid the roots for what became "Principles of Nano-Optics".

Bert Hecht on the downhill from Cutler. Don't underestime ol'Bert!

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