MTB trips 2006-2007

June 2007: Surface Plasmon Photonics, SPP3 (Dijon, France). A conference in the center of Burgundy. Really good science, great company, and fantastic hospitality. Guess what the MTBing was ..

Messieurs Alex Bouhelier and Jean-Claude Weeber during the planning stage of the post-SPP3 excursion. Looking somewhat clueless ..

The ride eventually started.

We didn't get far though ..

A well-deserved break: Jean-Claude, Alex, and Lukas.

Countryside in Burgundy (raining ..). Nevertheless .. very beautiful!

"BOUHELIER, PUTAIN, MERDE !" (English: "I like this ride")

"I'm sure you're right, Jean-Claude". "But you are more right, Alex". "Aren't we both right .. ?". "I love you Alex". "The love is mine, Jean-Claude".

After 60 km of swamp francais ..

June 2007: Gordon Conference on Membrane Transport Proteins (Tilton, NH). Well, it takes 1/2 hrs of driving to get to a REAL place. I started riding from Proctor Academy and went North. Many attempts to get to the top of these mountains failed because of black flies and lost trails .. However, this trip was successful and I ended all the way on the top!

Proudly posing from the top of Mt.?

The bike was carried most of the way - but the view was worth it! And so was the downhill ..

June 2007: Keuka Lake Outlet Trail (Dresden, NY). This is a New York Upstate classic! It runs along a river connecting two fingerlakes. Once an industrial region (because of hydroenergy), then a transport route, and today a smooth singletrack.

Failed stunt with family ..

May 2007: Adirondacks (Inlet, NY). Loni turned 40 and this was HER weekend! A gathering with friends in our favorate Adirondacks camp at Seventh Lake.

Group picture (before the ride) with the Schirmers.

Beautiful scenery at the outlet of 7th Lake.

"Bike riding Girl". Loni got it wrong ..

Next day family outing along Uncas Trail. Louisa, Michael, Loni, Nadja, Barbara, and Jan.

Yuck .. it's wet! Someone help me pleeeease ..

Refueling much needed energy ..

Why didn't we go straight to the icecream store ? (Nadja)

April 2007: Dryer Road Park (Victor, NY). After two months of hybernation life starts again at Dryer.

The underbush is starting to sprout and blossom .., and so is Loni!

.. throwing herself down the H-trail.

Arriving at peaceful Fort Hill.

Barbara and Loni gasping for breath.

January 2007: Camp Cutler (Finger Lakes, NY). The first ride this year, only two days after New Year! Some people think it is a sin to take advantage of global warming ..

Winters are tough in Upstate New York!

Great winter panorama.

Mandatory picture on Camp Cutler's Jump-Off.

September 2006: Adirondacks (Inlet, NY). Our second workshop at Seventh Lake. A pefect spot for a good blend of work, company, and the outdoors.

A wonderful morning after a long night of talks. The foliage is in full swing and the trails are calling!

Sorry guys - gotta finish my housekeeping first ...

Meanwhile Graham Marsh in full swing (his first appearance on this MTB site). He definitely has what it takes!

Alex Bouhelier finally catched up.

A well-deserved break: Alex, Lukas, and Graham.

Wonderful Adirondacks scenery. Lots of swamp.

Drying the blood in the socks ..

"That's as far as I can go" (Graham, 4pm). But hey - nobody did mind!

Enjoying some good old redneck recipes!

July 2006: Le Doubs, Switzerland. The Doubs is a border river between France and Switzerland. It forms a long and beautiful canyon with some steep climbs and descents. We met at 9am at the train station in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Achim coming from Munich, Alex from Dijon, and Lukas from Zurich.

Happy reunion. Getting ready for the first downhill.

A leisurely strech along the riverbank of the Doubs.

Believe me .. I fell behind because of that scratch on my frame ..

Group picture with Forelle. Having lunch at Maison Monsieur.

"The next stretch is slightly technical"
(Alex, our guide)

Same story ..

Yes, there is pain in the face! Not feeling that great anymore ..

Happy recovery. It's time to go watch the worlcup final.

June 2006: Stid Hill, Bristol, NY. Stid Hill is one of the favorates! A perfect mix of sweat, pain, and adrenalin. Here we introduced Peter Hoffmann to brother bear.

Me - afraid of bears? Are you joking?
(typical resident show-off)


There's a bear !!! Out of my way !!!

May 2006: Ganandogan Trails, Victor, NY. Believe it or not - Prof. Unlu came back for a ride (and to give a talk) after his failed stunt 4 years ago. The ride went around the nearest tree and back.

Happy 'after' picture on a sweaty day. Lukas, Selim, Peter, and Jan.

April 2006: Allegany State Park, NY. In this well-protected park state troopers make sure you do not drown in knee-high puddles. Could be a liability issue.

The ride was good. The break, too. Nadja, Lukas and Jan.

March 2006: Ontario Pathways Trail, Ontario County, NY. A relaxing 23 miles ride along abandoned railroad tracks leading from Clifton Springs to Canandaigua. Fantastic scenery and flat trails. Can be done on a tricycle.

Yes, it's him again. Rainer Benz, Teutonic knight in shining armor ...

... trotting with his squire, Mr. Ian Benz from Fairport, NY.

Amazing stunts. No fear. Man of steel. Ian.
(should have seen his landing .. )

March in Upstate NY.

Lonitoni whizzing by ..

A deserved rest. Rainer, Loni, Nadja, Jan, and Ian.

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