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Yuhong Yao, Ytterbium fiber laser driven, multiwavelength femtosecond optical system operating in the ultra-violet, visible, near-infrared and mid-infrared graduated 2015

Lisen Xu, PhD thesis: "Femtosecond Laser Processing of Ophthalmic Materials and Ocular Tissues: A Novel Approach for Non-invasive Vision Correction", 2013

Liping Cui, PhD thesis: "Nonlinear imaging in scattering media with pump-probe and fluorescence based techniques," 2011

Li Ding, PhD thesis: "Micro-processing of polymers and biological materials using high repetition rate femtosecond laser pulses,"  2009

Parama Pal, PhD thesis: "Novel devices and applications based on micro-processed optical fibers,"  2009

Fei Lu, “Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties and Applications of Adiabatically Tapered Single-Mode Optical Fibers,” 2006

 Yujun Deng, “Scalable Ultrafast Modelocked Fiber Laser Systems”,  2006

The following students did their PhD or MS research under my supervision in my lab at Bell Labs:

Jeffrey Roth, Princeton University (Ph.D. Student), Faculty Advisor: Keren Bergman Thesis: "Ultrafast Optical

Technologies for Telecommunications Applications,'' graduated 2002

Brandon C. Collings, Princeton University (Ph.D. Student), Faculty Advisor: Keren Bergman. Thesis: “Passive

Modelocking of Low Gain Soliton Lasers with A Saturable Bragg Refector,” 1999.

Radha Venkat, Princeton University (MS Student), Faculty Advisor : Cliff Fonstad. Thesis: “Polarization

Properties of short-cavity fiber lasers”, 1998.

Malini Ramaswamy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, VI-A Fellowship Program Masters student, Faculty

Advisor: Cliff Fonstad. Thesis: “Excitonic electroabsorption spatial field mapping in quantum well devices”,


Jason B. Stark, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Ph.D. student), Faculty Advisor: Peter A. Wolff, Thesis: “Femtosecond Nonlinear Optical Studies of Magnetoexcitons”, 1991.





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