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2020 Publications

  1. Fano resonant ultrathin film optical coatings
    M. ElKabbash, T. Letsou, S.A. Jalil, N. Hoffman, J. Zhang, J. Rutledge, C.-H. Fann, M. Hinczewski, G. Strangi, and C. Guo,
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  2. Solar-trackable super-wicking black metal panel for photothermal water sanitation (Journal Cover Article)
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  3. Optical-Field Driven Charge-Transfer Modulations near Composite Nanostructures
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  5. Ultrathin Perovskite Monocrystals Boost the Solar Cell Performance
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  8. Multipronged heat-exchanger based on femtosecond laser-treated Aluminum for thermoelectric heat scavengers
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    J. Zhang, R. Wei, and C. Guo, Nanophotonics 9, 4529 (2020).
  18. Phase Change Material Based Hot Electron Photodetection
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