OPT 561: Advanced Imaging
Spring Semesters, even years

James R. Fienup
Office: Wilmot 410
Phone: 275-8009
Office hours: Thurs, 4:00-5:00 pm

Teaching Assistant:

Class Location: TBD

Class Time: TBD

Recitation Time: (varies)

This course covers advanced topics in imaging, concentrating on computed imaging, Fourier-transform-based imaging, and unconventional imaging, with emphasis on imaging through aberrating media (atmospheric turbulence), in mathematical depth. Topics will be selected from the following: wavefront sensing for adaptive optics; pupil-plane lensless laser imaging including 2-D and 3-D digital holography, imaging correlography, and x-ray diffraction imaging; stellar (speckle, Michelson, and intensity) interferometry, Lyot coronography, tomographic imaging, synthetic-aperture radar, Fourier telescopy, Fourier-transform imaging spectroscopy, optical coherence tomography, structured-illumination superresolution, and extended-depth-of-field imaging. Additional topics suggested by the students will also be considered. The course will also explore image reconstruction and restoration algorithms associated with these imaging modalities, including phase retrieval, Wiener-Helstrom and maximum likelihood deconvolution, multi-frame blind deconvolution, de-aliasing, side-lobe elimination, and phase-error correction algorithms.

A project + term paper, exploring one of these topics in depth, including performing computer simulations and implementing the image formation or restoration algorithms, will be required. An in-class presentation of your project is required in place of a final exam.

Prerequisites: OPT 461 (Physical Optics I -- Fourier Optics)

J.W. Goodman, Introduction to Fourier Optics will be referenced heavily.

J.W. Goodman, Statistical Optics will be referenced heavily and used for some homework problems, specifically:
Parts of Chs. 2&3 for background math
Ch. 5 for spatial coherence interferometric imaging, van Cittert-Zernike
Ch. 6.2 to derive SNR of the coherence function
Ch. 6.3 Hanbury Brown - Twiss
Ch. 7.4 Imaging - Interferometry
Ch. 7.5 Speckle in imaging
Ch. 8 Imaging in (turbulence) (which also includes atmospheric models)
Ch. 9, the SNR parts

M.C. Roggemann & B. Welsh, Imaging through Turbulence (CRC Press, 1996) recommended

Lecture PowerPoints will be handed out