Opt 307/407 Spring '18

Colorized Secondary Electron Image of Cells on Membrane Chip

This Year's Projects

Spin Orbit Switching Device Fabrication (Mohammad)

Studies of Adirondack Garnet (Garrett)

Explosively Processed Zircons (Martha)

Magnetic Inclusions in Single Silicate Crystals (Tinghong)

Surface Acoustic Wave Resonator on GaAs (Yaad)

Mysterious Rocks of the Lake Ontario Shore (Michael)

Probing the Mecahnical Properties of Silicon Nanomembranes (Ali)

Textures of Zircons and Baddeleyites in Various Gabbros (Hannah)

Carbonate Fault Rock Composition and Mechanics (Alice)

Shock Metamorphism Features in Baddeleyite Crystals (Justin)

SEM observation of Biology in Stagnant Sink Water (Yineng)

Dental Implant Surface Characterization (Kristen)







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