Opt 307/407 Spring '17

Colorized Secondary Electron Image of Hydrophobic Fabric

This Year's Projects

Facemask Efficiency (Xunzhi)

Magnetic Remanence Carriers in Feldspars (Josh)

Studies of Fruit Peels (Rashmi)

Large Sample TEM (Kilean)

Redistribution of REDOX Sensitive Elements (Wriju)

SubSurface Analysis of Paint Layers (Soyoun)

A Different Approach to TEM Sample Prep (Trevor)

Electron Interaction with Oxide Films (Billy)

Mid-crustal Deformation in Korea (Sarah)

Structures on Stretched Glassy Polymers (Dawei)

Surface Analysis of Tritium Substrates (Cody)

Exploring Magnetofossils (Elizabeth)

Tourmaline Analysis (Sebastian)






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