Analysis of Shape-memory Polymers with High Elastic Energy Storage Capacity

Ebna Zabir

Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Rochester

Shape-memory polymer reverting to its original shape after being exposed to body temperature. (University of Rochester photo / J. Adam Fenster).


Understand and analyze micromechanics of the shape-memory Polymers with High Elastic Energy Storage Capacity using the some of the tools from the Electron Beam Microscopy and Methods course. The Shape-memory Polymer was developed by professor Anthamatten’s Laboratory at the University of Rochester’s Chemical Engineering Department. Currently, the Shape-memory Polymer is being investigated by professor Lambropoulos, professor Anthamatten, and professor Shestopalov’s group for contact printing process. In this class project I will be imaging and analyzing micro indentation on the surface of the polymer.


1. Light Microscopy: Buehler micro-hardness machine microscope

2. Scanning Electron Microscopy: Zeiss Auriga

3. Sputtering Coating: Denton Vacuum Desk II

4. Atomic Force Microscopy: NT-MDT NEXT

5. Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy: Zeiss Auriga

6. Focus Ion Beam Lithography: Zeiss Auriga

7. Electron Flight Simulation

8. Colorization: Use Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended


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