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Investigation of leaves

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Although science is my job, I love art and exploring nature, and I have collectomania. The leaf is one of the items that could record the passing of the life and the time. So I collect leaves every fall, and put them in my books or leave them on the shelf to dry. I use them to decorate my writings, or write some poetry on them. Once, I even used a big leave to make a Brithday card for my friend.

Leaves on Writing

The leaves can change color between seasons, and the moment they fall on the ground will be recorded by their colors. It is always fasinating to understand the nature phenomena. What happended when they started to change color? What are the difference between several kinds of leaves except the shapes and colors? Will they be the same if I dry them in different ways? And most inportantly, what are the microstructures of them?


Therefore, I investigated seven kinds of leaves from my collection in the following methods:

Light Microscopy



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