Opt 307/407 Spring '15

Sputtered Silver on HydroxyApaptite Crystals

This Year's Projects

Study of eutectic lead-bismuth alloys used in liquid metal batteries (Rakan)

Timing of the initiation of central Asian aridification during the Cenozoic (Lin)

EM Viewing of Magnetotactic Bacteria (Courtney)

An Analysis of Vein Composition and Deformation in the Santaquin Basement Complex ( Jenna )

Morphology of Electrodeposited Tin Alloys (Lance)

Variation of calcite filled fractures from the Sevier Fold and Thrust Belt (David)

Mobility of Anions in Apatite under Electron Microscopy (Ian)

A Look at Banjo Strings (Abby)

Effect of Acid Treatment and Laser Ablation on the Structure of Zircon (Yanling)

Characterization and Compositional Analysis of UV Mirror Thin Film Layers (Scott)

Silver Nanoparticles on insulator-semiconductor substrates for light trapping (Aaron)






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