Opt 307/407 Spring '13

Colorized SEM views Silver Halide Grains and Marcellus Shale

This Year's Projects

Coating a Grating Structure Using Various Deposition Techniques (Greg)

Sn Nanowires and Sn-Ni Deposition (Rid)

Guitar String Gunk (Ben)

Guitar String Fracture (Suju)

High Resolution Imaging of Quantum Dots (Jared)

Visualizing Different Mouse Brain Regions (Kristiana)

Morphology of Various Fish Scales (Yuan)

Insect Microstructure (Amanda)

Mechanical Polishing Studies of a YBCO Superconductor (Michael)

Magnetically Aligned Particles for Lithium Ion Battery Applications (Matt)

SEM Observation of Porous Thin Film (Yuan)

Gold MicroNeedles for Algae Penetration (Ellen)

SEM Analysis of a Cerium Oxide Polishing Slurry Reclamation Process (Debra)

Electrically Polarized Hydroxyapatite to Enhance Bone Integration (Diana)

Microstructure of Various Smoke Residues (Thao)

FIB Machinging of Historic Daguerreotypes (Alex)





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