During its sprouting process, the bean develops root, stem and leaflets. This project looks into the morphology through the germination of a green bean.

Unlike some posted projects, this website is not organized by methods but by different morphologies of green beans. I hope in this way it would provide a transparent flow of the relevant graphs. However, since the author is not an expert in biology, one might get lost in biological process or physical process of germination of green bean. If this happens, please enjoy the graphs, which I believe are the essences of the class.


Seven methods are involved in this project:

1. Light Microscopy: traditional light microscopy combined with laser 3-D scanning.

2. Scanning Electron Microscopy: major method in this project.

3. Sputter Coating: biology sample is insulator, thus sputter coating is required.

4. Critical Point Drying: biology sample contains water, thus CPD is required except for dry bean.

5. Colorization: use photoshop to colorize SEM greyscale images to make them visually appealing. Original greyscale micrographs are also provided near the colorized micrographs to compare.

6. Stereo Pairs: two micrographs with 2-3 degree difference in horizontal viewing angle are taken to make stereo pairs, you will definitely love these graphs.

7. Image Assembling: 7 micrographs are taken to assemble into a large micrograph for leaflet, this is done manually in photoshop. A bi-focus image assembling is also presented to achieve best focus.


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