Imaging Ice Crystals

Yuan Jia

University of Rochester
Department of Mechanical Engineering

OPT407: Electron Microscopy
Spring 2010
Final Project

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The Beauty of Snowflake

To us who resides at Rochester area, we have to prepare for the cruel winter weather-snowing. Observing with naked eye, snowflakes are not exactly as numerous children books described as having hexagonal symmetry. According to articles, the shape of the snowflake is determined broadly by the temperature and humidity at which it is form. So near –perfect snowflakes may be more common in pictures because most snow particles are irregular shaped. In addition, the size of the snowflake particles may be in the level of micros, so that the usual light micro scope may be inadequate in observing such sample with high resolution. It would be really interesting to see what snowflakes actually like and maybe investigate the composition of it in the SEM or possibly TEM.

This project was originally designed to observe the snowflake, unfortunately, when the project was actually carried out, there was no more snow! Thanks a lot to the global warming!!So after consultation, I decided to observe the structure of ice crystals from freezer......

However, play with a half million dollar microscope is so much fun...........

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