Opt 307/407 Spring '09

Colorized Polishing Material Cross Section

This Year's Projects

Coal Fired Power Plant Particulate Emission (Amanda)

Mouse Muscle Tissue (Amir)

Electron Microscopy of Liquid Crystal Flakes (Cathy)

Carbon Nanotube Uptake By Macrophages (Jon)

SEM Study Of Archean Age Zircon Inclusions (JuliaN)

Magnetic Carriers in South African Chert (JuliaV)

Microstructure of Hydroxyapatite Fuel Cell Membrane Material (Keith)

Articular Cartilage Scaffold Imaging (Nipun)

SEM Drosophila Art (Olga)

Multiwall Carbon Nanotube TEM Imaging (Robert)

Metal Oxide Coated Carbonyl Iron Particle Characterization (Sivan)


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