OPT 407 Course Project
Zhimin Shi, April 2006  



    Microscopic Study on Artificial Metal-Semiconductor Nano-Materials


From left to right: Surface topography for GaP porous structures; cross-section for GaP porous strucutres; gold nano-particles on bulk GaP with a scratch


    Artificial nano-composite materials have been attracted great amount of attention recently, due to their remarkable different properties as compared to conventional bulk materials.

    This project is aimed to study a series of artificial metal-semiconductor nano-materials (with combinations of Ag/Au/Er and InP/GaP/GaAs) from a microscopic perspective. Both the surface property as well as the cross-section structures are to be studied, and the relation between the nano-scale properties with the material and fabrication condition are to be seeked. Furthermore, it is expected to measure the size and density of metal nano-particles quantitatively.

   It is also desired to use the SEM experiment result from the observation of nano-scale structures of these artificial samples to enhance the understanding and interpretation of the linear and non-linear optical properties of these artificial materials.





The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester