Opt 307/407 Spring '05

Anaglyph of a Fly's Head



Opt 307/407 Practical Electron Microscopy and Advanced Topics

Concept: This course serves as a portal to the micro- and nano-worlds visible with the aid of high resolution microscopies. From fundamental technologies right up through practical hands-on operation of the lab equipment the students get what they need to both understand AND DO microscopy.


This Year's Work

Project 1 - Human Cornea Examination
Project 2 - General Observations
Project 3 - Examination of Snowflakes
Project 4 - Low Temperature Damage to Fuel Cell Components
Project 5 - More Snowflakes (we have lots in Rochester!)
Project 6 - A Look at a Digital Micromirror Device
Project 7 - Iridescence in Bird Feathers
Project 8 - Fracture in Dental Implant Screws
Project 9 - Microsctructural Characteristics of Oil Paint Pigments
Project 10 - Catalyst Layer of a PEM Fuel Cell Membrane
Project 11 - Fe-Ti Oxide Changes in Heated Basalt
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