Opt 307/507 Spring '04

Colorized SEM Micrograph of Pollen



Opt 307/507 Practical Scanning Electron Microscopy and Advanced Topics

Concept: This course serves as a portal to the micro and nano world visible with the aid of high resolution microscopies. From fundemental technologies right up through practical hands-on operation of the lab equipment the students get what they need to both understand AND DO microscopy.


This Year's Work:

Project 1 - Colorization of SEM Images
Project 2 - Fruitfly Eyes 1
Project 3 - Fruitfly Eyes 2
Project 4 - Comparative Analysis of Polishing Materials
Project 5 - Variation of Silver Halides in Photographic Films
Project 6 - Grinding Tool Wear Characteristics
Project 7 - Morphological Changes in Overcoating a Surface Relief Grating
Project 8 - Fine Stucture of SiO2 Films from Various Depositional Methods
Project 9 - How Accurate can EDS analysis of Fe-Ti Oxides Be?
Project 10 - Identification of Extraterrestrial Debris in Geological Samples
Project 11 - Speciation of Indoor and Outdoor Airborne Particulate Matter
Project 12 - Fractography of Plastics
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