Evergreen Needles

Yao Gu

University of Rochester



As we known, due to different seasonality of plants foliage growth, plants are divided into deciduous, semi-deciduous and evergreen. Different from deciduous, evergreen trees keep their foliage year-round and can survive with low soil nutrients. Besides, to adapt to a cold or dry weather, deciduous trees shed their leaves while evergreens do not[1]. Also, plants are categorized into broad-leaved tree and needle-leaved trees, or conifer. Evergreen needles are able to survive in areas that challenge most plants owing to their needle leaves. They can live in places with heavy snowfall or with relative dry soil[2].

In Rochester, there are many evergreen needles in winter, make the city look vigorous even though covered with snow most of the time. I would like to observe some evergreen needles via scanning electron microscopy.


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