Opt 307/407 Spring '19

Colorized Secondary Electron Image of Rose Petal Cells

(in memory of Omer Ropri)

This Year's Projects

Iridescence at the Nanoscale (Raymond)

Evergreen Needles (Yao)

Data Storage Over the Years (Logan)

Labradorite Micro-characteristics and Magnetic Recording Fidelity (Ben)

AutoAlignment in NPGS Electron Beam Lithography for Qubit Fabrication (Adina)

String Wear Patterns in Stringed Instruments (Brittney)

Multi-Layer Properties in Rare Earth Thin Film Materials (Mike)

Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation Using QDs Sensitized Photocathode (Mahilet)

Accelerated Degradation of Polymers (Ashley)

Self Assembly of Peptides (Maghesree)

Reverse Engineering a Commercial LED Light (Siyuan)








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