The electron microscopy facility for the University of Rochester is located in the Institute of Optics' Wilmot Building. The facility serves the entire academic campus as well as some Medical Center activities. This link takes you to the current URnano website and facilities pages:


A Field Emission source Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) and a FE(S)TEM (Scanning-Transmission Electron Microscope) are located in the lab. The former is a Zeiss Auriga CrossBeam SEM-FIB and the latter is a FEI Tecnai F20 instrument. Both microscopes are equiped with an EDAX x-ray spectrometer for compostional analysis. Each is under service contract with their respective vendors. Associated with each system is a suite of support and sample preparation equipment, including: high vacuum evaporator, metal sputtering system, ultramicrotome, critical point dryer, oxygen-argon plasma cleaner, stereomicroscopes, and a metallurgical light microscope. Qualified operators can use the online calendar to schedule time on any of the microscopes and related equipment. Note that FIB mode has additional user fees in the CrossBeam tool; contact URnano for specifics.

The microscopes are utilized by several science and engineering classes as well. Visit the class archives, to see a listing of projects and data for these classes. Opt307/407 is a regularly offered four credit hour class that will train students in the use of the equipment. Other non-credit offerings are available throughtout the year as demand dictates. Current class notes and other information is available here.

FESEM-FIB and EDS X-ray Spectrometer



FE-TEM Resolution


Colorized SEM image (Silver Halide)


For more information contact:

Brian McIntyre

FESEM Lab 585-275-4875

TEM Lab 585-275-3058