The Biomedical Spectroscopy Laboratory conducts experiments in the growing field of biomedical optics. Across the world, researchers in biomedical optics study a wide range of problems, from subcellular to human-scale, from ultraviolet to infrared, from diagnostic to therapeutic. In this group, we focus on two main areas:

Raman spectroscopy of biological materials. Our general goal is to measure levels of important chemicals in biofluids (e.g. blood serum), single cells (e.g. immune cells), and other relevant samples (e.g. oral plaque).

Near infrared spectroscopy of cerebral activity. Here the goal is to track cerebral hemodynamics for functional monitoring. Our present contribution is on the fundamental level, trying to reduce remove competing sources of biological "noise" in the signals.


Looking for information about E-Day 2008, the science educators' day at the October Annual Meeting of the Optical Society of America?  I'm the local contact person. 


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This website provides details about our research and group members, as well as links to other information about biomedical optics research. Enjoy!