Current Research: Optical Communications

Modern Telecommunication Systems

Modern telecommunication systems make use of advanced modulation formats that involve information encoding in the optical phase together with wavelength- and polarization-division multiplexing (WDM and PDM) techniques. Recently, another type of multiplexing, known as the spatial-division multiplexing (SDM), has been attracting attention for increasing the system capacity while reducing energy consumption. SDM requires the use of multimode or multicore fibers so that information can be transmitted simultaneously using various spatial modes of such fibers.

Modes of multimode and multicore fibers

Our group is involved in the design of SDM telecommunication systems. In particular, we are investigating the interplay between the linear coupling among various modes of a multicore fiber and the intramodel and intermodal nonlinear effects such as self- and cross-phase modulations. We are also working on the nonlinear propeties of such fibers such as the formation of multimode solitons and intermodal four-wave mixing.

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