Current Research: Dynamic Optical Systems

Dynamic Optical Systems
Dynamic Optical Systems 

Recently considerable interest has focused on a dynamic optical system whose refractive index changed in a dynamic fashion making it time dependednt. Initially, this interest stemmed from the observation of adiabatic wavelength conversion in optical resonators. More recently, a space-time analogy has been exploited to make a time lens and use it for temporal imaging.

Evolution an optical pulse across a temporal boundary (Source: PRL 115, 183901)

Our group has developed a ime-transformation approach for studying light propagation inside a dynamic optical medium. More specifically, we breakup the electric field of an input pulse into a large number of temporal slices. The dynamic nature of the medium results in a transit time that varies from one slice to the next. Our approach transforms the electric field directly through a temporal mapping and does not require the slowly varying envelop approximation. The time-transformation approach provides valuable physical insight in the fields of optical signal processing and ultrafast optics.

More recently we have studied the temporal analogs of spatial reflection and refraction occurring when the refractive index changes suddenly at a temporal boundary. We have also shown that the temporal analog of total internal reflection can be exploited to make a temporal waveguide that confines a pulse inside it.

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