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Superradiant effects in systems of two-level atoms

C. R. Stroud, Jr., J. H. Eberly, W. L. Lama, and L. Mandel

Phys. Rev. A 5, 1094 (1972).

The problem of the evolution in time of a system of two-level atoms that are coupled through their electromagnetic fields, is studied and solved in the framework of semiclassical radiation theory. The atoms may be in any initial states and the radiation reaction is fully taken into account. Both superradiance and time-dependent frequency shift or chirping effects are found. The assumption that all the atoms see the same field is shown to place severe constraints on the evolution of the system, in the form of constants of the motion. These constraints are most easily pictured in terms of the Bloch-vector representation of the atomic system, and they lead to explicit solutions for the time development of each atom.

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