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Long-term solutions in semiclassical radiation theory

C. R. Stroud, Jr. and E. T. Jaynes

Phys. Rev. A 1, 106 (1970).

An improved form of semiclassical radiation theory is developed which includes the effect of the atom's radiation field back on the atom. This formalism is applied to the problem of a single "two-level atom" interacting with a monochromatic field. The resulting equations are solved without resorting to time-dependent perturbation theory, and are found to predict the behaviour of the system over times long compared with the lifetime for spontaneous transitions. Not only stimulated emission and absorption, but also spontaneous emission with the proper Einstein A coefficient, and a frequency shift which agrees at least semiquantitatively with the Lamb shift are described. In addition, several nonlinear effects involving the interference between spontaneous and stimulated radiation are described, and new experiments which might detect such effects are suggested.

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