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Autler-Townes effect for an atom in a bichromatic laser field.
II. Experimental results

S. Papademetriou, M. F. Van Leeuwen and C. R. Stroud, Jr.

Phys. Rev. A 53, 997 (1996)

We report the observation of the Autler-Townes absorption spectrum of a two-level atom in a 100% amplitude-modulated (AM) optical field. Two frequency-stabilized dye lasers interact with a three-level atomic cascade system. One of the two lasers is used to create the bichromatic field in the lower transition, while the second one is tuned in frequency between the second and third levels to probe the absorption lineshape. We investigate the dependence of the spectrum on the detuning between the center frequency of the bichromatic field and the lower atomic resonance. In order to study the effects of saturation, for every value of the detuning we take a series of data for different intensity levels of the bichromatic field. There is very good agreement between theory and experiment and profound differences from the conventional Autler-Townes results with a monochromatic pump field.

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