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Phase-locked laser system for use in atomic coherence experiments

Alberto M. Marino, C. R. Stroud

Review of Scientific Instruments 79, 013104 (2008).

We describe a phase-coherent laser system designed for use in experiments involving coherently prepared atomic media. We implement a simple technique based on a sample-and-hold circuit together with a reset of the integrating electronics that makes it possible to scan continuously the relative frequency between the lasers of over tens of gigahertz while keeping them phase locked. The system consists of three external-cavity diode lasers operating around 795 nm. A low-power laser serves as a frequency reference for two high-power lasers which are phased locked with an optical phase-locked loop. We measured the residual phase noise of the system to be less than 0.04 rad2. In order to show the application of the system towards atomic coherence experiments, we used it to implement electromagnetically induced transparency in a rubidium vapor cell and obtained a reduction in the absorption coefficient of 92%.

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