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The process of energy transfer between excited sodium atom

Jerzy Krasinski, T. Stacewicz, and C. R. Stroud, Jr.

Opt. Comm. 33, 158 (1980).

Two experiments were carried out to test a process proposed by Allegrini et al. (1977) as a viable explanation of the fluorescence from high lying levels which is observed when sodium vapor is illuminated by resonance radiation. In the first experiment a cell with sodium vapor was illuminated by a CW dye laser tuned to the 3S to 3P transition, and the linewidth and lineshape of the fluorescence from the 3D to 3P transition were measured. In the second experiment the cell was illuminated by two pulsed lasers, one tuned to the 3S to 3P resonance and the second well off resonance with this transition. The photoionization current was measured, as was the fluorescence intensity from the 6S to 3P and 5D to 3P transitions. The authors conclude that the Allegrini process does not significantly contribute to the populations in the 5D, 6S and 3D states.

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