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Spatiotemporal shaping of terahertz pulses

Jake Bromage, Stojan Radic, G. P. Agrawal, C. R. Stroud, Jr.,
P. M. Fauchet and Roman Sobolewski

Opt. Lett. 22, 627 (1997).

We report temporal shaping of few-cycle terahertz pulses using a slit in a conductive screen as a high-pass filter. The filter's cut-off frequency was tuned by changing the width of the slit; the slope of the cut-off transition was altered by changing the thickness of the screen. We measured the transmission function of the filters, using large-aperture photoconducting antennas to create and detect the incident and transmitted electric field. Our experimental results were in excellent agreement with the performed finite-difference time-domain simulations of the propagation of the pulse through the slit. When the screen thickness was greater than the slit width, the filter was well-modelled by a short, planar waveguide. Using a simple transfer function, we accurately describe the sharp cut-off and dispersion of such a filter.

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