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Group Members

Professor Carlos Stroud Jr.

Hideomi Nihira

Mayer Landau

Luke Bissell

Group Photos

At David's Thesis Defense
August 2002, Rochester, NY

At the Optical Fiber Communications 2000 Conference
March 2000, Baltimore, MD

At Linear Park
May 1999, Rochester, NY


Dr. Alberto Marino
(Thesis: Experimental Studies of Two-Mode Squeezed States in Rubidium Vapor, 2006)

Dr. Jin Wang
(Center for Quantum Information Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2001-2003)

Dr. David Aronstein
(Thesis: Revivals and classical-motion bases of quantum wave packets, 2002)

Dr. Ashok Muthukrishnan
(Thesis: Quantum information and computing in multilevel systems, 2001)

Dr. Paolo Bellomo
(Rochester Theory Center Post-Doctoral Fellow, 1997-1999)

...and pictures of Maria-Chiara Bellomo

Dr. Jake Bromage
(Thesis: Creating Rydberg electron wave packets using terahertz pulses, 1999)

Dr. Michael Van Leeuwen
(Thesis: Amplitude-modulated optical double resonance, 1998)

Dr. Jim West
(Thesis: Angularly localized wave packets in one- and two-electron atoms, 1997)

...and pictures of Luke Alexander West

Dr. John Corless
(Thesis: Efficient excitation of atomic Rydberg states,1997)

...and pictures of Sophie Corless and Scarlett Camille Corless

Professor Mike Noel
(Thesis: Atomic electron wave packet interference and control, 1996)

Dr. Zaga Gaeta
(Thesis: Classical limit of a hydrogen atom,1995)

Dr. Mark Mallalieu
(Thesis: Semiclassical dynamics of Rydberg electronic wave packets, 1993)

Dr. Stephanos Papademetriou
(Thesis: Resonant interactions of atoms with modulated optical fields, 1993)

Professor Mark Biermann
(Thesis: Wave packets in a semiconductor superlattice:
a theoretical study of coherent dynamics in a solid state system
, 1991)

Dr. Stephen Chakmakjian
(Thesis: Nonlinear optical systems interacting with amplitude-modulated optical fields, 1990)

Professor John Yeazell
(Thesis: Spatially localized Rydberg electronic wave packets, 1990)

...and pictures of Bryce Raymond Yeazell

Dr. Jonathan Parker
(Thesis: Interaction of atomic hydrogen with pico- and femtosecond laser pulses, 1990)

Dr. Karl Koch
(Thesis: Dynamics and instabilities in homogeneously broadened lasers, 1990)

Professor Lloyd Hillman
(Thesis: Interaction of modulated optical fields with saturable media and its application to laser instability, 1984)

Dr. David Cardimona
(Thesis: Photoexcitation of near-threshold atomic energy levels, 1984)

Dr. William Molander
(Thesis: Transitions between highly excited states of Alkali atoms, 1983)

Dr. Robert Gray
(Thesis: Experimental examination of double optical resonance, 1979)

Dr. Jacob de Meijere
(Thesis: One- and two-photon ionization, 1978)

Dr. Richard Whitley
(Thesis: Double optical resonance, 1977)

Dr. Blaise Renaud
(Thesis: Resonance fluorescence in many-level atoms, 1977)

Dr. Mary Citron
(Thesis: Study of a two-level system in sodium using laser optical pumping, 1977)

Dr. William Burckel
(Thesis: Spontaneous emission in the presence of an applied field, 1974)

Dr. Felix Schuda
(Thesis: High resolution spectroscopy using a CW stabilized dye laser, 1974)

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