Dr. Svetlana G. Lukishova


Photonic Quantum Information Systems
Funding and Acknowledgements

The photonic quantum information systems group acknowledges support from the following funding agencies:

  1. National Science Foundation (DUE-0633621)
    CCLI-Phase I: Quantum optics laboratory for the undergraduate curriculum - teaching quantum mechanics with photon counting instrumentation
  2. US Army Research Office (DAAD19-02-1-0285)
    Polarized single-photons on demand - a new source for quantum information
  3. National Science Foundation (ECS-0420888)
    MRI: Development of single photon generation and characterization unit
  4. Photonic Technology Access Program (PTAP).
    The Princeton Lightwave single-photon counting receiver for quantum photonics and quantum cryptography studies at the University of Rochester
  5. US Air Force Office for Scientific Research
    Symposium "Self-focusing: past and present"
  6. University of Rochester Kauffman Foundation
    Entanglement to entrepreneurship: how do fundamental scientific advances spawn new business
  7. US Air Force
    SMART fellowship for graduate student

Pending proposals:

  1. US Army Research Office
    Efficient source of deterministically polarized single photons for quantum information based on photonic bandgap nanostructures
  2. National Science Foundation
    CCLI-Phase II: Diverse partnership in teaching quantum mechanics and modern physics with photon counting instrumentation

We also acknowledge Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester for using its liquid crystal clean room and nanometrology facilities.

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