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Summer Short Course Series

Gradient-Index Optics


It is expected that the participants have used an optical design program (e.g. Code V, Zemax, FRED or equivalent programs)

  • June 14, Wednesday morning
    Basics of Gradient-Index  Systems, Professor  Duncan Moore (Rochester):
    The basic principles of gradient-index (GRIN) materials will be presented. This includes the application of the principles of GRIN to optical and  non optical systems.  The properties of axial, radial and spherical optical systems will be presented. Non optical systems including wave propagation in the ocean, sound in the ocean and propagation in the air will be presented.

  • June 14, Wednesday afternoon
    Introduction to GRIN in Optical Lens Design Programs, Greg Schmidt and Guy Beadie (NRL):
    Laboratory- Design of singlets with standard GRIN profiles using Code V and Zemax

  • June 15, Thursday morning
    Professor Julie Bentley and Professor Duncan T. Moore (Rochester):
    The aberration theory of GRIN systems will be reviewed. Design of singlets and doublets with GRIN will be presented. The use of GRINs in color corrected systems will be discussed. Abbe numbers of GRIN materials will be introduced.

  • June 15, Thursday afternoon
    Tour of GRIN labs (1 hour) Professor Duncan T. Moore, Professor Julie Bentley, Dr. Greg Schmidt (Rochester) and Dr. Guy Beadie (NRL):
    Design of “standard” polychromatic systems lab using Code V and Zemax

  • June 16, Friday morning
    GRIN Design and Fabrication, Greg Schmidt (Rochester):
    Design of GRIN polychromatic systems with user defined materials for the visible and IR will be presented.  Fabrication of  GRIN materials will be discussed.

  • June 16, Friday afternoon
    Dr. Greg Schmidt (Rochester) and Dr. Guy Beadie (NRL):
    Design lab using user defined materials in the IR and visible. 

{Please note: course descriptions and instructors listed above are NOT final, it is possible that circumstances beyond our control could necessitate alterations.}