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Conference Topics

In the spirit of previous conferences in the series, the conference will provide a forum for sharing the results of experimental, theoretical, and computational investigations in the general area of photon-assisted material processing. The topics of the conference cover new developments and current state of the art in laser applications and include:

* Fundamental mechanisms of photo-excited processes, modeling and theoretical analysis
* Laser deposition of thin films, multilayers, functional coatings and nanostructured materials
* Laser/photon etching, writing, patterning, micro- and nano-fabrication
* Nanoscale processing by nanophotonic methods
* Plasmon-enhanced laser processing
* Resonant and non-resonant processes in photon-induced materials processing
* Laser-induced desorption from surfaces: electronic and thermal mechanisms, applications
* Laser ablation: fundamental mechanisms, applications to cutting, drilling, generation of clusters and nanoparticles
* Laser-induced phase transformations, melting, crystallization and amorphization
* Photonic and laser-assisted surface treatment: laser cleaning, doping, alloying, sintering, annealing
* Controlling the optical, mechanical, and chemical properties of surfaces by laser processing
* 3D photofabrication for photonics and biomedical applications
* Femtosecond lasers and new applications in materials science and technology
* Ultrahigh power laser applications
* Laser and photon diagnostic techniques, plume/plasma spectroscopy
* Probing ultrafast processes with time-resolved X-ray and electron diffraction
* Laser and photon interactions with organic materials, medical and analytical applications, MAPLE, MALDI, microprobes

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